Welcome to Footwear Product Creation

By staying customer-obsessed, prizing exceptional craftsmanship and delivering innovation in sportswear engineering, we’re driving the creation of On’s world-class sport and lifestyle footwear.

A man smiling to the camera whilst working on a shoe
A man smiling to the camera whilst working on a shoe

Meet the Team

We combine the latest tech with a sustainable approach to creation and testing to help people feel (and look) great in our shoes.

Whether reaching a PB, rallying on the tennis court or strolling around town, to us, it’s about more than the shoes. It’s about intention. Because every decision could be the difference between someone Dreaming On, or not.

A man and woman looking at materials.
An On Running shoe.

Welcome to Footwear Product Creation

Exploring sustainable dyeing techniques,

building relationships with the next generation of fans, or overhauling our testing process – there’s a lot we get involved in.

We love to stay active to bond as a team

hikes, runs, ski retreats. Nothing beats getting out and about to find inspiration together.

In Footwear Creation, we get variety thanks to the seasons

waterproof trail boots or summer tennis shoes, there’s always something to test.

A man in a black t-shirt with his hair tied up is standing and smiling


Footwear Development, Ho Chi Minh City

Unlike other brands, we aren't just executioners out here in Vietnam, we give ideas as well. Sometimes they have a new idea in Zurich and we might find a process to make it more efficient and we share that.



Woman playing ping pong in the office

Successful creation is all about thinking differently. We celebrate crazy ideas and face challenges head-on to shape better, more innovative products and inspire a better brand.

Learn about our Spirits

Who makes up the Footwear Product Creation team?

Man working with lots of ON shoes
  • Footwear Development
  • Footwear Engineering
  • Product Testing
  • Footwear Materials

From concept to production and commercialization. Working cross functionally with many of our teams, we’re responsible for making each and every new shoe extraordinary.

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Fit & Wear Testing Specialist

Footwear Product Creation


Footwear Costing Lead

Footwear Product Creation


Footwear Developer Performance Running

Footwear Product Creation


Head of Footwear Development

Footwear Product Creation