We’re the Tech team. We’re a team of platform engineers, working with frontend, backend, mobile and the IT service desk on ERP, CRM and cloud-based infrastructure services. We’re also cyber security experts, BI, data engineers, data scientists and product managers. We build and improve complex systems. We work with cutting edge technologies, solutions and insightful data to make the best decisions possible. We automate wherever we can to fully support our business. We do things together. We have flat hierarchies, and everyone's responsible for making decisions around technical implementation for the team. 

Good to know

• We run on clouds. AWS, Azure, GCP and Salesforce are just some of them.

• We practise individual empowerment, diversity and flat hierarchies.

• We work autonomously and spread trust across the team.

• We’ve developed our own integration platform to enable our B2B customers’ sales channels.


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IT Product Engineering

IT Support


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