We innovate today the shoe of tomorrow. The shoe you’ll be running in in five years, maybe ten. Maybe it won’t be a shoe. Whatever it is, comfort, performance and sustainability will be at its core. Because we explore the unknown to create the future of running. And our best projects initially seem impossible. We experiment with new concepts, putting crazy ideas into practice and manufacturing new products in our own little workshop. Then we test them on athletes, consumers and our own people. Once we’re happy with a concept, our team in Vietnam finds the best suppliers and factories to turn our dream shoe or apparel into a reality. Some projects take six months, others exceed five years. We persevere, taking the time we need to invent tomorrow.

Good to know

• We’re a team of professional, semi-professional and retired athletes, so we’re often running. And slightly competitive!

• The majority of us are based in Switzerland, but a vital part of our team brings concepts to life on the ground in Vietnam.

• Our innovation office is a beautiful chaos of products, fabrics and materials. Fear not – there’s organisation under the mess, and it’s essential to our work.

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