Product Design

We’re a group of creatives here to disrupt, create and innovate, shaping the future look of On products. Our range of design is versatile, from footwear to apparel, color material finish (CMF), 3D digital innovation and accessories. You can’t really pin us down; we cover it all. We keep a sharp eye on trends, seeking innovative fabrics, patterns and forecasts to help each product reach its potential. Every new concept must fulfil our three pillars of creation: performance, sustainability and styling, while convincing in terms of novelty and visual innovation.

Good to know

• We’re a mixed bag of cultures and characters, and we love it that way.

• We’re super dedicated and love challenging the status quo, because we know we can do better.

• We have an extraordinary range of design backgrounds.


Apparel Design

Footwear Design

CMF Design

Accessories Design

Spatial Design

Innovation Design

Digital Creation

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